As part of the Free Instant Appraisals Offering (currently discontinued) almost 200 objects were appraised by the renowned auction house, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.  Readers provided a description and photos of the objects they submitted. 


This is a clear pressed glass souvenir cup with flash red round markings on the side and a red flash red strip around the top part.   It’s 3 inches high and 2 inches across. The condition is excellent.  It has no cracks, however there is a small chip on the inside lip. It has my great uncle’s name (who was born in 1891) painted on the one side and World’s Fair 1893 painted on the other.


These souvenir cups were made in fairly large numbers.  The “World’s Fair 1893” and the personalized name were often actually cut into the glass.  As they were inexpensively made and engraved at the fair they are not of the highest quality.  They show up on eBay quite frequently and based on the photo and information provided they are generally priced around $30.