As part of the Free Instant Appraisals Offering (currently discontinued) almost 200 objects were appraised by the renowned auction house, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.  Readers provided a description and photos of the objects they submitted. 


This is a small china cup which measures 3 inches high.  It was found by my father when he was a World War II soldier in France in 1944.  The condition is very good.  There are no chips, cracks, or stains.  There are no maker’s marks.  There is an emblem that consists of a German cross (swastika?) with holly leaf and possibly oak leaf sprigs.  Inside the German cross is the letter W and the number 914. Behind the emblem is a crossed sword and staff (with a bird on top).  Between the crossed sword and staff is what appears to be a crown with a Christian cross.


The ‘German cross’ on this cup is not a swastika but an interpretation of the ‘Iron Cross’ a Prussian – and later a German medal of honor.  The letter W is the Royal Cipher for the Wilhelm’s and the 914 is most likely 1914.  This cup would have been made to commemorate a current event, but from the image I can not make out enough details to figure exactly what.  It most likely would have been made as a souvenir, and produced in fairly large numbers.  Based on the photograph and information provided, this little cup is worth around $100.