As part of the Free Instant Appraisals Offering (currently discontinued) almost 200 objects were appraised by the renowned auction house, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.  Readers provided a description and photos of the objects they submitted. 


This piece of artwork was given to me 50 years ago by a woman I used to clean for.  It isn’t a painting. It is made up of many fine, short lines.  There are some tears in the picture and some ragged edges. It is sepia-colored and is entitled “Enfant Jesus.” The simple wood frame is 28″x 30″ and is painted white. There is writing at the bottom part of the picture in a foreign language. This is what I can decipher:

Grave a beauforte par N.Bertrand Termune par Badeureau
Enfant Jesus
Etude, Calgueg et Dessmee dapres le Tableau original de Raphaeldit la Pertel
Appartenaui d? le Roi Espagne


Based on the description, photographs, and the translation of what you included from the text below the image, this appears to be an engraving after an original drawing, engraved by a “N. Bertrand Termune” (although I wasn’t able to find this name) from an original work by another artist, by appointment to the King of Spain. This is a very pretty piece with decorative value, and seems, judging from the scale in relation to the truck, that this is quite large in size.  Depending on the condition, I would say that a fair market value for this might be $150-250.