writers_weekend_2015A quick note of thanks for a superb visit. I’ve had two phone calls asking when you’d be back and another to tell me they’d just heard what a good program it was and sorry they’d missed it. I don’t know there was one person yesterday who was disappointed in any way. I have appreciated your responses to all emails and I sincerely hope we can arrange a repeat visit next year. —Linda Goth, president Friends of Robson Library, Arizona

You are amazing. Thanks for a truly fabulous weekend. I came back with a glow.” —Lita Nelsen

“It was probably late Monday afternoon before I came down from the high of this past weekend… I left feeling inspired, invigorated and renewed. Some people can write and some can teach, you are one of those unique individuals who can do both! Thank you for sharing your expertise so generously with us, and for putting together a program that seemed to touch us all, regardless of our different backgrounds and experiences.” —Deb Carlson

Thank you for a wonderful inspiring weekend. I really enjoyed your workshops. You have the talent to engage your audience and share all your knowledge. Your warm understanding feedback was a pleasure to hear. Thank you again. I am off writing.” —Theresa Jay

“Thank you so much for the Rubric and for the wonderful and inspiring weekend. I am looking forward to editing a few pieces that I have had tucked away in my desk for too long. Also, several of the prompts you gave us over the weekend provided me with insight about where I need to go with my writing. Now I am actually looking forward to getting back to working on my memoir!” —Jean Mudge

“I just returned from an amazing Aspiring Writer’s weekend at MIT’s Endicott House. I was absolutely WOWED by everyone’s writing, honesty and openness, including Jane’s, who shared above and beyond my expectations and turned a group of strangers into a family.” —Elizabeth Dougherty

gang_endicott_house_1st_annual_aspiring_writers_weekendI am still floating on air and landing on cloud nine. Thinking of those wonderful women from all walks of life sharing one common bond: We’re all aspiring writers. We became fast friends and kindred spirits.” —Karen Mitropoulis

You were inspirational. I’m seeing the world differently since your weekend workshop. Many thanks.” —Phyllis Glazerman

“The weekend moved me to a unique space in mind, body and senses that freed my attention from the routine and ordinary. Thanks to Jane for creating that space.” —Jackie Fleischman

Your presentation on writing at the TKR meeting was terrific! I’ve been writing for twenty years, so it takes a dynamic presenter and a great program to get through the haze of habit. You did it!” —Nancy Hartman, TKR Cable

Jane is fabulous—concise—fun!” —Julie Benson Hughes

“Everyone who’s participated in Jane’s workshops raves about them. She’s a world class facilitator.” —Mike Fitzgerald, MIT Endicott House

“Jane’s presentation was an eye-opener and should be a must-attend for every writer.” —Lynda Keever, Florida Magazine Association

“Your workshop was the most helpful and practical one I’ve ever attended. Your presentation was informative and entertaining, and the subject matter was dealt with most thoroughly.” —Deborah McGonagle

Phenomenal! Jane’s presentations are first rate!” —Karl P. Holliday, Toronto Hydro

“Very practical analysis… and very motivating—Jane is very engaging. She is excellent.” —Bee Bomule

I feel energized!” —Jeff McDonald

“Very organized and planned. Great instructor.” —Lamar Flowers

“Ms. Cleland was enthusiastic, with real life examples to help better understand the concepts. I wish you’d write a book on how to write a novel—I’d be first in line to buy it!” —Christine Lotz, Writer’s Digest Conference

“Great because of the enthusiasm of Jane Cleland. She knows her stuff!” —Lloyd C. Lakler

The seminar was terrific. Jane made the material stand out and become clear. She provided flow and insight.” —Peter J. Andrews

“Excellent! On target! Made me rethink old assumptions! A one-day textbook!” —Frank Reysem

“A life ring in disguise. I felt like I was drowning and through this seminar, the rescue boat is in sight and coming my way. Thank you, Jane.” —Karen A. Polan

“I wish your content was available in a book. Your insights and approaches are so practical, logical, and do-able, I want to read about them and think about them.” —Mark Cheverton, Writer’s Digest Conference