Authentic reactions that unfold internally can deepen the impact of any scene and make your characters relatable to readers.

During my upcoming webinar, you’ll discover how to leverage powerful inner responses to connect readers to universal truths, learn how to craft internal reactions that elevate your key moments, master the art of showing emotional depth without melodrama, and explore options to expose the raw humanity of your characters through their feeling, not just their actions.

Whether you write traditional mysteries, poignant memoirs, or action-packed thrillers, understanding how to pull back the curtain to reveal your characters’ hidden emotional depths will help readers connect with your characters and leave a lasting impression that brings them back story after story.

You’ll leave the session armed with actionable insights and techniques that you can immediately apply to your own writing, crafting stories that resonate deeply with your readers and leave them eagerly turning the pages.

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Beyond the Surface:
The Role of Inner Reflections in Writing Captivating Fiction

Struggling to portray authentic reactions? Unsure how to reveal those emotions that live below the surface? Wish your characters felt more relatable and multidimensional?

My upcoming FREE webinar will explore how to harness the power of inner reflections to add depth, complexity, and intrigue to your storytelling and leave a lasting impression on readers.

Text Description: JANE K CLELAND. Please join me at my FREE online workshop: "Beyond the Surface: The Role of Inner Reflections in Writing Captivating Fiction." December 16, 2023 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Join me at my FREE virtual discussion:

Saturday, December 16th
1 p.m. Eastern Time

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Jane K Cleland is the author of the Agatha Award-winning Mastering Plot Twists and Mastering Suspense, Structure & Plot, from Writer’s Digest Books, now Penguin Putnam Random House, and the multiple award-winning and IMBA-bestselling Josie Prescott Antiques mysteries, from St. Martin’s Minotaur. Her short fiction has been published by Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

She is also a contributing editor for Writer’s Digest magazine and the chair of the Black Orchid Novella Award sponsored by the Wolfe Pack and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

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