Whether your forte is fast-paced crime thrillers or vast, sprawling epics, skillful transitions are key to propelling your story along its journey with no reader left behind.

During my upcoming webinar, we’ll explore everything you need to know about mastering the art of transitions, including:

  • Why chapter breaks and white space aren’t merely aesthetic choices, but strategic narrative tools.
  • Techniques on using typography and section dividers to subtly signal shifts in place, perspective, or time without breaking the immersive spell.
  • How to employ temporal and location headers, like time stamps, dates, and coordinates, to ensure your readers always know exactly where they are in the world and story you’re creating.
  • Methods to gracefully indicate shifts in point of view, maintaining clarity without sacrificing the depth of multiple perspectives.

With my practical examples and easy-to-apply tips, you’ll be able to  confidently employ transitions that move readers not just to the next page, but deeper into the grip of your story—assuring your readers remain captivated from one scene to the next.

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Narrative Threads:
Mastering the Art of Transitions

Join me for a free one-hour writing webinar where we’ll explore best practices and strategies to seamlessly weave transitions into your narratives—an essential skill to avoid confusing readers and crafting compelling, cohesive stories readers can’t put down.

An invitation to a free online workshop titled "narrative threads: mastering the art of transitions" on July 13, 2024, featuring a smiling woman and two book covers, emphasizing storytelling and writing skills.

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Saturday, July 13 at 1 p.m. Eastern

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Jane K Cleland is the author of the Agatha Award-winning Mastering Plot Twists and Mastering Suspense, Structure & Plot, from Writer’s Digest Books, now Penguin Putnam Random House, and the multiple award-winning and IMBA-bestselling Josie Prescott Antiques mysteries, from St. Martin’s Minotaur. Her short fiction has been published by Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

She is also a contributing editor for Writer’s Digest magazine and the chair of the Black Orchid Novella Award sponsored by the Wolfe Pack and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

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