Join us as we explore how the best agents don’t simply bring attention to your books, but partner with you to help build momentum, hone your approach, and, ultimately, achieve greater levels of success.

Adam Chromy is a published author, screenwriter, film/tv producer, and literary agent, operating his boutique New York City agency, Movable Type Management for more than 20 years.

His “value-based storytelling” approach has made him a top player in New York City and Los Angeles and a frequent speaker at writing conferences.

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“Mastering the Agent Hunt: Learn What Agents Want with Special Guest, Adam Chromy”

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Mastering the Agent Hunt:
Learn What Agents Want with Special Guest, Adam Chromy

I’m thrilled to welcome Adam Chromy as he shares his experience as a literary agent during my upcoming FREE online discussion!

Text Description: Join Jane K. Cleland & Adam Chromy for: "The Agent-Author Connection with Special Guest, Adam Chromy" June 17, 2023 @ 1 p.m. Eastern

Join us at our FREE virtual discussion:

Saturday, June 17th
at 1 p.m. Eastern Time

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After earning a B.S. degree in Management and Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business, Adam Chromy was the head of sales and marketing for a number of startup technology companies where he honed his entrepreneurial skills for nearly a decade.  But his love of storytelling inspired him to start over as a twenty-nine year old intern at an esteemed literary agency.  He soon realized the lessons he learned in tech could be applied to representing his clients’ business interests and developing a methodology for constructing effective narratives.  So he struck out on his own, and now his unique “value based storytelling” approach has made him a popular player in New York and Los Angeles and a frequent speaker at writing conferences.

Jane K Cleland is the author of the Agatha Award-winning Mastering Plot Twists and Mastering Suspense, Structure & Plot, from Writer’s Digest Books, now Penguin Putnam Random House, and the multiple award-winning and IMBA-bestselling Josie Prescott Antiques mysteries, from St. Martin’s Minotaur. Her short fiction has been published by Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

She is also a contributing editor for Writer’s Digest magazine and the chair of the Black Orchid Novella Award sponsored by the Wolfe Pack and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

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