Harlequin Signed Paperback Bundle

Enjoy three Josie mysteries (with signatures and personalization) for one low price!


Ornaments of Death Signed Paperback

A Mysterious Affair
Christmas lights twinkle throughout the cozy coastal town of Rocky Point, New Hampshire, and Prescott’s Antiques has been transformed into a winter wonderland for the company’s annual holiday party. Josie Prescott is especially excited this year because Ian Bennington will be joining the fun. Ian is a recently discovered distant relative, and he and Josie are both descended from Arabella Churchill, a seventeenth-century royal mistress.

Then Ian is found murdered and the two priceless miniature portraits that Ian had given to his daughter—one of Arabella and one of her lover, King James II—go missing. Determined to find justice for her new relative, Josie starts by using her knowledge of antiques to track the miniatures. But can she discover the provenance of a killer before the killer finds her?

Blood Rubies Signed Paperback

Lights, Camera, Auction!
Ana Yartsin is on the verge of becoming a celebrity chef. Her custom Fabergé egg–shaped cakes have brought her national attention, as has the story behind the cakes. Her family owns a Fabergé masterpiece—the spectacular Spring Egg snow globe. As Ana prepares to showcase the snow globe on TV, she asks Josie Prescott—owner of Prescott’s Antiques and Auctions—to appraise the precious family heirloom.

But when Josie arrives at Ana’s home, she finds that one of the show’s guests has been murdered and the priceless snow globe smashed beyond repair. All that remains for Josie to examine are bits and pieces—and she is shocked to discover that the Spring Egg was a fake! Never one to resist a puzzle, Josie investigates. What happened to the real Fabergé snow globe, if it even existed? And what does the counterfeit collectible have to do with murder?

Glow of Death Signed Paperback

Murder and Tiffanys
As the owner of Prescott’s Antiques & Auctions, Josie Prescott can’t count the number of times she’s been asked to appraise an antique that turns out to be fake. When she examines the stained glass lamp Edwin and Ava Towson recently found in the attic, she’s delighted to report that it’s a genuine Tiffany. But only one day later, the lamp’s owner is found dead in her waterfront mansion.

When Josie is asked to identify the body, she’s stunned to discover that the person who’s been killed is not the woman she knew as Ava. Everything Josie thought she knew about the Tiffany lamp and the Towsons was based on lies. As the town of Rocky Point gets ready to celebrate the Fourth of July, Josie follows a twisty path of envy, greed and revenge, determined to learn the truth about the priceless Tiffany lamp—and whoever might be willing to kill for it.

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