Isolation: A Tool for Suspense


Want to discover how to effectively use isolation in your stories to intensify emotions, escalate tension, and engage readers?

Crafting stories that readers can’t put down requires more than compelling characters and intricate plots—it demands a deep understanding of suspense and the powerful role of isolation.

As the great artist Paul Cézanne once remarked, isolation might temper the strong, but it can also crush the weak.

During my this webinar replay, we’ll delve into the multifaceted strengths of isolation as a narrative tool, exploring the two types of isolation and how they interact to amplify suspense.

We’ll discuss how isolation can be used as a plot point, theme, or backstory to explain certain character attributes. You’ll also learn how to use isolation to drive action in your story and consider how it can be used thematically.

By understanding and harnessing isolation and suspense, you can craft narratives that will engross your readers.

You’ll walk away from the lessons offered armed with actionable insights and techniques that you can immediately apply to your own writing, crafting stories that resonate deeply with your readers and leave them eagerly turning pages.

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