Set the Stage: Using Setting to Add Intrigue & Suspense


How does your setting contribute to the reader experience?

In this webinar replay, we’ll discuss how to convert time and place into atmosphere.

Time and place should reflect the culture, language, habits, standards, values, shared beliefs, customs, food, mores, pace of life, and so on—and most importantly, what your sleuth thinks of the setting.

From cozies (typically a small town with a sweet and decent feel) to noir (dark and gritty, with a veneer of danger), each subgenre of crime fiction comes with a set of reader expectations when it comes to setting.

We’ll also consider how your characters’ behavior and personalities can drive decisions about your settings and how to use place to add intrigue and suspense.

I’ll provide plenty of examples so that you leave the webinar with actionable ideas you can put to work immediately in your own writing.

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