The Perception Gap: Create Compelling and Twisty Plots Using Your Characters’ Views of the World


Do your characters feel flat and one-dimensional? Are your plots meandering without clear conflict to propel the story forward?

Learn my proven approach to crafting intricately woven, twisty plots that leave readers begging for more.

During this webinar replay, you’ll discover why perception gaps are the key to intriguing, complex characters, explore the psychology behind perception gaps and how to leverage cognitive biases, uncover how perception shapes motivation and relationships, and learn how to seamlessly integrate perception gaps to heighten drama and conflict.

Whether you write cozy mysteries, pulse-pounding thrillers, or sweeping sagas, perception gaps will revolutionize the way you develop characters and plot your stories, allowing you to craft authentic, multifaceted characters that leap off the page, connecting with readers.

This replay will arm you with actionable insights and techniques that you can immediately apply to your own writing, crafting stories that resonate deeply with your readers and leave them eagerly turning the pages.

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